Get ready for #TheAssault!

When: 3/12/16

QIC: F3Greenwood

PAX (): All of F3Nation

At F3 Greenwood’s first ever Christmas party, YHC was struck with a really weird idea: What if we get like eight guys to Q a workout and give them 30 minutes each? After asking around, it was clear we had enough guys interested. “That sounds completely stupid,” Meatloaf said. “And utterly pointless,” quipped Flossy. And, thus, Greenwood’s first #CSAUP event was born.

Initially it was a crazy thing for us Greenwood guys to do. Somehow, the Swamp Rabbit guys got a hold of the idea and said they wanted to participate. Then some guys from Columbia. Then Lexington. Then Florence. So instead of doing it on a random day in January, we elected to plan it a little better, invite everyone and let F3 Nation come see what is going on in the Emerald City!

So, we assembled eight of the baddest Qs across F3 Nation and asked them all to bring the heat. Bring their most punishing workout to the Epicenter and leave the PAX bloody and desperate for more. Because, after all, if it’s hard then it’s fun.

8 Qs. 30 minutes each. Prepare for #TheAssault!

Any and all are welcome! We are not professionals, of course, so you are doing all this at your own risk. The event is free and you come voluntarily.

Things will kick off at 0645 on March 12, 2016, at the Epicenter in Greenwood. The best way to find the Epicenter is to put Greenwood Humane Society into Google maps. We will meet in the long, narrow parking lot in the back of the complex. We will have signage directing you to where we will meet.

There will be planned breaks during the event to refuel and rehydrate. Bring your own Clif Bars, fruit, etc. to munch on during the breaks. Hydration tablets for your water are also recommended.

Your Qs will be:

  • Mayhem (Lexington)
  • Flossy (Greenwood)
  • Splinter (Columbia)
  • Meatloaf (Greenwood)
  • Kobayashi (Greenwood)
  • Misfire Columbia)
  • Juggernaut (Greenwood)
  • No Help (Lexington)


There is no cost to come enjoy the fun, but we will need a head count. Register at the link below. We will have a nice spot for some #Coffeeteria afterward, our usual Saturday spot which has some great food and a nice environment for #2ndF. You’ll get plenty of #3rdF during the event!

We’ll be talking the event up on Twitter and hope you will be as well! Make sure you hashtag the #Mumblechatter with #TheAssault!

We look forward to seeing all of you here on March 12!

See you in the gloom!



#TheAssault Registration Form

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