Rockin’ Around the Rubicon…

When: 12/24/15

QIC: Crack

PAX (): Darth Visor (WD), Mufasa, Swiper, Boomer, Flo, Nacho Libre, Foghorn, Crack, Hickory Stick, Sharknado, Huckleberry (WB)

…at the F3 party hop!

It was a glorious morning in the Rube as 11 PAX came together to celebrate what felt like Christmas on the islands.  You could get that sentimental feeling as you heard, voices singing “midwife sounds; deck the halls with accelerating men.” Strangely enough, there were only crickets when it came to Dr Heckle and Buddy the Elf. Maybe they’ve never heard of the best way to spread Christmas cheer?

So instead there was work to be done.  After a mosey over the day’s course, stopping for a quick round of SSHs and stretchy cotton pickers, we dropped in on a picnic for some modified cliff hangers merkins, when I dip you dip we dips, and step ups.  That is enough 0.0.0 for me!

To the course for a stroll along Old Milton stopping 5 times. Round 1 had burpees (2,4,6,8,10) and then repeat with J-Los (5,10,15,20,25). After bringing the 6 back in, round 2 consisted of CDDs (5,10,15,20,25) and repeat using LBCs (10,20,30,40,50).

You see what had happened was, the lightning started coming in.  And where is the best place to be when the lightning comes in? The monkey bars and metal swings, of course! With partners, 3 stations all in AMRAP: 1) pull-ups and squats, 2) knee ups and calf raises, 3) swerkins and baryshnikovs. YHC had to be reassured by Boomer that we were good to press on.  Kotters to ole Boom btw. Maybe his return does not necessary qualify a true Kotters, but when this guys misses 2 posts in row, it feels like an eternity has passed.

Back for some Mary. Wait… did Huck give an Irish goodbye? Well, he’s back and rumor is that it was just a TBQ!  Well done, sir!  And welcome back to for your quarterly posting.  Did you know there is not even lexicon for PAX that are still in their teens.  This guy is drinking the antivenom for Sad Clown disease.  The Rubicon always has what you need!


  • Solid group of PAX here in the Rubicon as we wind down our first year of F3.  Still much mumble chatter about expanding our region.  No doubt that the Alpha region will be the Alpha region (at least compared to ATL) before too long.
  • Enjoyed the return visit from Sharknado once again. And solid job on the audible for you to break it down for us.
  • Speaking of audibles, someone called coffeeteria, and I believe we had perfect attendance for what could have been the first time ever.  T-Claps gents!!!

Merry Christmas from Crack

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