’twas the week before Christmas

When: 12/19/15

QIC: Grits / Crack

PAX (): Defcon2, Mufasa, Swiper

the PAX gathered, the Saturday before Christmas, for a beatdown. The weather was crisp as the frost lay on the ground, the stars bright and clear, and these men got to work. This is a record of what went down that morning.

Mosey to parking lot field

  • SSHx20
  • EW x 15
  • Merkins x 20
  • Cotton Pickers x12
  • Mountain Climbers x 12
  • LBC x 25

Mozy to road side of Parking lot

Navy Seal Warm-Ups

  • 14 exercises; varying from Burpees to Supermans and Double Crunches to Leg jumps
  • Rinse and Repeat

Crack takes over.

Short Run to corner and plank while waiting on the six

  • Merkins x 20

Mosey to Tennis Courts

  • 4 Corners x 2
    • YHC doesn’t remember the exercises in order, but it sucked!

Suicides – fence to each line.

  • 20 Carolina Dry Docks at the other end if you make through the suicides.

4 corners across 2 tennis courts. worse than the first. Again, YHC can’t recall what was done, but the PAX just took it in their stride and did their best. It hurt.

Sprint back to the Flag. Plank waiting for the six.

6MOM led in Cadence by each of the PAX.

Prayers for those in need and Goodwill for this Christmas Season.


  • Good Qs by both Grits and Crack – nice variety of style.
  • Coffeeteria was well attended.
  • Noticing the 20-something crowd seem to be missing – weather and being soft may have something to do with this trend. they missing their mats?

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