Must be Santa, Must be Santa, Must be Santa Clause!

When: 12/22/2015

QIC: Hickory Stick

PAX (): Do Si Do, Crack, Nacho Libre, Grits, Offshore (F3 Richmond), Dr. Evil (F3 Kernersville), Swiper, Flo, Foghorn, Mufasa

12 hours before time to post, Foghorn is tweeting out his best to warn people of the rain, or scare them away.  The cold front moved through and left the Rubicon wet, but no rain.

PAX start rolling in early.  So early in fact, Grits started running off 45 seconds before the mosey.  Luckily it was early as out of towner, Offshore, went to the wrong park entrance but still managed to find us.  Also from out of town, but not a rook at the Rubicon, Dr. Evil of Kernersville.

So the Thang…

Nobody took the point to q from Saturday so YHC took the reigns.

Let’s mosey, chasing after grits of course.  Head toward the old high school to the track.

At the cross streets there were some stops for some warmups.

Finally the PAX make it to the track for some 400s.  PAX went three. whole. laps.  Three!  Well, three and a half to be fair.  Slight break in the action for some squats and merkins.

Out of the high school towards downtown, back to wills.  10 merkins at each cross street. From Milton Avenue, to Roswell Street, cutting down Marietta Street.  Interesting thing about Marietta is that some residential driveways have stop signs, so per Crack those count.  One driveway was being installed to about 80% completion so PAX did only 8 merkins.  (8/10 = 80% for the Alpharetta math majors).

Back to the flag.  Started with 11, wound up with 10, made partnering for Dora 1,2,3s an easy choice for Marys.  100 dying cockroaches, 200 Freddie Mercurys, 300 LBCs.


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