To Go Where No PAX Has Gone Before

When: 12/17/15

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): DefCon 2, Nacho Libre, Crack, Hickory Stick, Foghorn


5 PAX defied cantorre on this wet, but warm, morning.. Was hoping to see more men, as a rainy beatdown is especially thrilling for YHC. Put out notice night before to bring a lamp.. Then couldn’t find mine at home, so showed up with daughter’s pink Disney head lamp.. Thanks Home Depot! Turned out to be about as bright as a candle. Thanks to Hickory and Crack for the pro lamps!

The Thang:

Meet up under the pavilion to stay dry for at least a few minutes before heading out into the wet.
SSH x 15
Imperial Walker x 15
Dips x 25
Derkins x 10

Mosey into the gloom. Took the PAX to undiscovered areas of the Rubicon, the paved trail that runs the perimeter of the property, behind the horse park, wrapping around past the Rec Center, and ending at the turf field. Total approx 1.5 miles. Glad I put out notice to bring a light, as mine was a spectacular fail.. and it was dark in the rain!

At turf:
Circle up for the Deconstructed Burpees: 10 Squats, 10 Leg Thrusts, 10 Merkins, 10 Leg Thrusts, and up.. then 9.. 8.. 7.. you get the picture. Tough, but all PAX battled and finished in good form.

11’s from first base to third base, Merkins on one side, Dying Cockroach on the other. Kept up good pace each crossing.

To the flag!

5 MOM: LBC, Dying Cockroach, Dolly, Reverse LBC

COT: Ladies are starting to schedule social events, so cool for them to be involved as well.. F3 impact. If your wife/lady/partner is not on their email blast.. get on it!

I think I heard Darth Visor say he would host next social event at his place..

You should really check out Crack’s headlamp/erection when you can.. uhhhhh.. never mind, don’t ask..

BOM: Lots of praise and gratitude this morning for life and death, joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain. God continues to bless us in so many ways, we are forever grateful.

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