Shooting Stars welcomed us this morning!

When: 12/15/15

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (): Crack, Foghorn, Flo, Def Con II, Swiper, Do Si Doh, Mufasa, Darth Visor, Boomer, TVA, Law Dog, Nacho Libre, No See Um, Hickory Stick, Schotttenheimer (Cleveland F3)

It’s getting a little nippy again in the morning and 15 PAX showed up to take a beatdown on this starlit morning.  Def Con II was the first of many to see a shooting star and I’m pretty sure he made a slient wish “to make it through the workout all in one piece”.
The Thang:
Mosey for a warm-up:
-Mountain Climbers
Another Mosey for a bit:
-Plank Jacks
On to the Field of Dreams for some partner exercises around the bases.
-Partner carry to 1B and then 5 Burpees.
-Switch and Partner carry to 2B and then 10 Lunges.
-Wheelbarrow and every third step do a Merkin to 3B…..and then 15 Monkey Humpers.
-Switch and Wheelbarrow (every third step a Merkin) to Home and then 20 Star Jumps.
Next round change to:
-Bear Crawls to 1B and then 5 Burpees
-Frankensteins to 2B and then 10 Lunges
-Crab Walk to 3B and then 15 Monkey Humpers
-Sprint to Home and then 20 Star Jumps
To the hill outside field for some 11’s of Merkins and Flutters.
Then back on the field for two laps of Indian Run (with a sometimes fast walk included) and then on to the concession stand Wall.
Grab a wall and each PAX sprints 30 yards and performs 10 Merkins with pristine form and technique!
Back to the Flag for 6 MOM:
-Freddy Mercurys
Welcome back to Boomer from his Cancun trip and he hasn’t missed a beat with the pace of his workout.  Mufasa is also a motivating PAX (RESPECT) to workout beside as he really pushes himself and you to be better!  Glad to have Schottenheimer from Cleveland visiting with us and always like having other F3 guys join us.
Flo very thankful for all the prayers and support from the F3 men while his mom is in her current situation.  God is definitely working in his family’s life and continued prayers for them.  All Fart-Sackers out there are getting prayed for to come back to the Rubicon and feel the pain and love you know you are missing!  No See Um traveling to Orlando for a few days of golf so prayers for a safe trip.
*We still need to have a challenge at the Rubicon between Darth Visor (Clemson) and Boomer (Oklahoma) prior to their teams Playoff Match-Up…….maybe divide up into teams and whoever the QIC is come up with head to head workout.  I’m saying those two can “draft” their teams and each PAX has to wear some sort of their teams colors.

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