Thankful for a Six Pack

When: 11/28/15

QIC: Mufasa

PAX (): DefCon II, Flo, Crack, TVA, Boomer

Thankful to be able to get up and work out this morning. 6 Pax, yes, a Six Pack, posted this morning to get sharper and faster. The weather was perfect, low 50s, partly cloudy skies with the setting moon. This is what went down.

Warm Up:

Started off by running around the perimeter of the parking lot doing high knees, sideways shuffles and just regular running. Circled up and did the following in cadence.

  • SSH
  • Body Builders
  • Imperial Walkers


Merkin mile partnered up while carrying blocks, stopping at intersections and speed bumps to do 10 merkins.

Run in line while passing block between legs to partner behind to get to parking lot.

partner up with one partner doing each exercise while the other running to the Wills Park Baseball board.

  1. 50 blockees
  2. 100 curls
  3. 150 goblet squats
  4. 200 presses
  5. 250 bent-over rows

back down to flag area while Indian Walking passing block behind through legs.


  • Dollys
  • Freddie Mercurys
  • American Hammers
  • Flutters


  • Payers for folks fighting cancer – Flo
  • Prayers for families traveling this weekend
  • Praises for job promotions and changes


  • Nice to see Boomer’s quick recovery from injury. He’s just tough!
  • Good to have Crack back! We’re not the same when everyone’s not there for the beatdown.
  • Good work by all. Mumble chatter about form – we’re all trying to get better and when we think about it improve in that area.
  • There’s always going to be someone faster, stronger and fitter than you – live with it. Just do your best and do what you can. The converse is also true – there’s always going to be someone that you’re faster, stronger and fitter than. Remain humble.
  • Feedback is a gift. Learn and get better.


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