Keeping Warm under an Enormous Moon

When: 11/24/15

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Hickory Stick (WB), Darth Visor (WD), Mufasa, TVA, No-See-Um, Grits, Nacho Libre, Boomer, Flo (Blue Steel)

It was 32 degrees as the men of the Rubicon pulled themselves out of the fartsack and prepared for a beatdown. The moon was also up and greeted us in an enormous way.  9 hardy pax were ready to get better, and here is what happened.

Merkin Mile for a warmup.

Mosey to field of dreams for a Dora/Ark Loader.

  • 100 Carolina dry dock while partner bear crawls to first base and sprints back.
  • 200 monkey humpers while partner duck walks to first and sprints back.
  • 300 LBCs while partner bunny hops to first and sprints back.

Mosey to parking lot. One partner does 20 curls, 20 shoulder presses, 20 rows with cinder block/paver while other partner does BLIMPS. Repeat lifts until partner completes BLIMPS. Repeato. Every pax went through the cycle twice.

5 MOM with flutter kicks, 6 inches, box cutters, and Freddy Mercury.

COT and BOM.


  • Prayers for Foghorn, his M, and future 2.0. Too cold outside to come out of the oven apparently.
  • All pax shared one thing they were thankful for. No one mentioned burpees.
  • Gloves. Becoming an essential item for every pax.
  • No pax under the age of 30. Millennials are freakin’ soft!
  • We are ON for Thanksgiving morning. Regular time. Come and earn that second helping.

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