Here comes the Sun?!

When: 11/10/15

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Mufasa, Hot Sauce, Nacho Libre, Do-si-doh, Bomer, Hickory Stick, Darth Visor, DC II, Law Dog, TVA (FNG)

11 PAX, including 1 FNG (TVA) made it out to the Gloom this morning for the beatdown.  Goes a little something like this:

Warm Up:  All x 15




Cotton Pickers

The Thang:

Mosey to the FOD for 40’s:

Starting at home plate, sprint to 3rd base for 30 Carolina Dry Docks, 10 Crab Cakes

Sprint to right field warning track, 25 CDD’s, 15 Crab cakes

Sprint to Center field, 20, 20

left field warning track, 15 CDD, 25 crab cakes

3rd base, 10 CDD, 30 crab cakes

run it back with Merkins and Monkey Humpers going opposite direction around the field

= 100 total of all 4 excercises

Mosey to the rock pile for partner exercises:

alternate wall taps x10 with rock excercises:

100 curls

100 OHP

100 skull crushers

Mosey to the parking lot behind the swimming pool for alternating sprints, all facing Old Milton Pkwy:


side steps

back pedals

6MOM: all x 20 = 100



Freddie Mercury

Dying Cockroach


Prayers for Spartanburg shooting victims, DC II’s daughter (broken bone)

Welcome to TVA, new FNG!

Praise for the 2nd F event at Boomer’s house and enjoyment had by all, including wives!




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