Really? A Map??

When: 11/03/15

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Swiper, Peanut, Hickory Stick, Darth Visor, NoSeeUm, Law Dog, DefCon 2, Huckleberry, DoSiDo, Nacho, Boomer, Crack, FNG (Flo)

Nice showing of 13 PAX and 1 FNG for this Election Day beatdown!

The Thang

Mosey to American Legion down the road for a warmup under the airplane. (Love this place)

SSH X 25

Imperial Walkers x 25

Squats x 15

Found some open space.. in honor of our American Legion..

FreenDogger (‘mericans, Reverse ‘mericans) 5 across, 4 back, until arms go numb!

Add this to the local Lexicon:

The ‘Wills of Men’: A harrowing journey through the Rubicon and its many excellent features, with structured workouts at features of the Q’s choice. Must cover significant distance and many features, no lagging at a station for too long. Preferably with partner and OYO.

Partner up, journey from American Legion to Rec Center, with series of stations along the way. Keep up the pace! Do not leave your partner! Sharpen iron!

Basketball Court: 5 suicides

Playground Swings: 10 swerkins

Playground Pavilion: 15 stepups

Baseball field: Vault fence, Partner over planking partner from left to right field.

Concession Stand: Balls to the wall, hold it as long as possible

Turf Field: Circle the field, Ray Lewis style

Rock Creek: Curls, Shoulder Press, Skull Crushers x 20

Backwards run through parking lot to center of baseball fields

Flower Beds: Derkins x25, 2 sets, 10 sec interval

Rec Center track: Indian Run until six is in


People’s Chair on Rec Center wall, behold Crack’s clinic on proper form of the burpee! Georgeous!

PAX sprints to track one at a time, 5 burpees.

What do we appreciate about each PAX? A lot apparently.. (See below)

To the flag! An attempt at MOM, but short on time!


2nd F event at Boomer’s place on Saturday evening. BYOM for the grill, and BYOB. Bring the M and 2.0s! Let Boomer know you are coming, who will post his address this week.


Make sure you are on Twitter and follow @F3Alpha and your fellow PAX, really the only way to catch happenings and stay involved with group.


Crack sent out survey for feedback as we evaluate our impact and growth strategies. Take it! There are men out there who need F3 in their lives.


THANKS to our maker for the energy and opportunity to engage, and for using F3 as a tool for spiritual, physical, emotional growth in our lives. Prayers for our soldiers, police officers, please watch over. On this Election Day, provide strength and wisdom to our elected officials to make the tough and right decisions.


Some confusion on who was leading this group of men. YHC earned the Q due to the presence of a map of the Rubicon (Really?? A map??). Oh, and for the appropriate use of Sign Up Genius!

YHC quickly discovers the PAX know the Rubicon like the backs of their hands and are anxious to get going for the ‘Wills of Men’, map disappears, lesson is learned. We don’t need no stinking map!

Again, YHC taking credit for ‘Wills of Men’.. copyrighted, trademarked, added to Lexicon..


The PAX just missed the opportunity to #defycantorre. No worries, as it was still plenty wet, as we would discover at the baseball “court”/field. YHC absolutely ate grass-mud-water vaulting the right field fence, enjoyed the MudRun a little TOO much.. Anyone else?

Huckleberry is back! And he brought the #Merlot this time!

Welcome to FNG Flo! Anyone in need of insurance??

The PAX expressed heart warming love and support for each burpee’er (definitely not a word). A few below.. but so much more!

1. Darth’s shiny bald head

2. Nacho’s ability to pull tree stumps right outta the ground

3. Law Dog’s ability to put you in prison

4. NOT a Foghorn pushup, apparently

5. Huckleberry’s ability to burpee with a mouthful of Merlot. That guy can definitely dunk a basketball

6. DefCon 2 wins @F3Alpha’s “Best Dressed” award

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