Trick or Treat

When: 10/31/15

QIC: Nacho Libre - No-See-Um

PAX (): Crack, Nacho Libre, Peanut, Mufasa, No See Um, Swiper, Sketchy, Boomer, Hickory, Weird Science,

Ten Pax showed up for the Halloween beatdown.  Nacho started the beat down then handed off to No-See-Um.

The warm up:

15 Side Straddle Hops

15 Hill Billies

15 Merkins

15 LBC’s

Next the Pax moseyed over to the field of dreams for a few sprints and Burpees.

10 X Sprint from Pole to Pole 10 second count then 10 Burpees.

After the 10 the Q was handed over to No-See-Em.

Rock Pile work:
– Curls x10
– Push Presses x 10
– Skull Crushers x10
– Genuines x 10
Partner up and with one rock do:
-Alpharetta Twisters x10
-Hardcore Helmey’s x 10
-Twice more with Third set x20
Mosey to hill and do some “Grits” Tunnel of Love up the hill and then a hard right turn down the hill with many of the Pax a moaning after the many, many, many Burpees that Nacho had us perform!
Mosey to Field of Dreams for some friendly F3 competition.
Two Teams:
  Team 1: Hickory Stick, Swiper, Crack, Mufasa, Boomer
  Team 2: No-See-Um, Weird Science, Peanut, Nacho Libre, Sketchy
Each Team chooses their order of 1st man to 5th man.  Each base has an exercise with the teams going in opposite directions (Team #1 Home – 3rd base – 2nd base – 1st base) (Team #2 Home – 1B – 2B – 3B)
Home plate – 5 Burpees
1B/3B – 10 Merkins
2B – 15 Squats
3B/1B – 20 Mountain Climbers
*When 1st man sprints through home plate after making his way around the bases, 2nd man begins and so on.  All other team members perform various ab exercises while waiting on their turn (LBC’s, Flutters, Freddie Mercurys, Reverse LBC’s, Six Inches).
Losing Team does 5 Burpees (and it was Team #2)!
Mosey back to Old Glory with 50 yard sprint at the finish!
-Prayers for Grits and his minor surgery, Sketchy and his wedding, and Boomer with his dad.


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