When the SF is away, the PAX will play

When: 10/24/15

QIC: Crack

PAX (): Nacho Libre, Trojan, DC2, Mufasa, GRITS, Boomer, Swiper, Sketchy, Crack

9 PAX came together on a memorable morning in the Gloom.  While the SF has been tardy a time or two, its always been present.  On this particular morning, the SF was on a journey to its first MudRun.  No worries, as it was with 3 of F3Alpha’s finest: Darth Visor (#RESPECT), Foghorn, No-See-Um.  As predicted, we identified new tools as temporary replacements for the SF.

Though there has been a #PreBlast before, it is uncommon for the Rubicon.  Apparently it caused a little confusion.

Mufasa: Crack, did someone make you mad on Thursday?
Crack: Whatever do you mean?
DC2: What is the preblast talk all about?
Mufasa: Don’t tell him. He will leave.
Crack: Not DC2!

DC2 must’ve been fooling around as he had a partner.  In fact, all PAX had a partner in hand except for YHC.  Doesn’t even follow his own suggestions and shows up partnerless… damn tennis matches.

After a brief mosey to the pool lot, we stop off for some warm-ups.  Windmill x10, Cotton Picker x10, IWs x16.  Now on to the #Thang.  Hand in hand with your partner, assuming you’re lucky enough to have one, we head to the crick to find a tool.  As always, tool selection is full of effort.  Mosey tool-in-hand, hand-in-hand on up the community center field.  That mosey becomes much more challenging over the last couple hundred until we get the shop.  Thanks to team DC2/Mufasa for supplementing the Q’s efforts. While the division was up to the team, it looked as if each team divided pretty well evenly.  Totals required for each team… and maybe DC2 really didn’t read the PB:

  • 10 laps (drop your tool belt for this part, but the rest are all performed with your tool at the shop)
  • 200 curls
  • 200 LBCs
  • 200 skull crushers
  • 200 genuines, adapted on occasion

As the teams finished they shared Mary responsibility.  Enjoyed were flutters, long slow flutters, Freddie Mercs, LBCRs, spiderman planks, dying cockroaches. Still with your partner, wheelbarrow to opposite side of the field – every 5th step do a merkin after 5 merkins switch. Back to shop, bear crawl 1/2 way to dumpster. Back to shop, partner carry to dumpster. Mosey on back to the tool bin, dump your tool and back to the VSF.  Still time for more, so lets do some Dora with your partners: 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 Burpees.  While we ran out of time during the burpee portion, I am pretty confident each team got at least 60% done!


Strong energy today from the PAX coupled with a good turnout at coffeeteria where we discussed getting F3 to more Alpha area men.  There is an offer from Wingman out of NC to Q a few weeks of kettle bell action.  There as some mumble chatter about using the new workout style in a new location as means to continue expansion and begin identifying future AOs. 2nd F activities are working well, so its time for 3rd F will be given some focus as well. Keep an eye out for more discussion on these topics.  Special trophy today to Nacho for carrying YHC’s load all around town!

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