Sure I’ll Do It

When: 10/20/15

QIC: Hickory Stick, Boomer

PAX (): Trojan, Mufasa, Law Dawg, Doe Si Doe, DefCon2, Swiper, Nacho Libre, Foghorn, Darth Visor, Peanut

12 PAX got out of the fartsack and decided to post for a workout rather than post photos of their dashboard thermometer on Facebook.

One problem…nobody signed up to q.  Just 12 guys up at 5:30 AM staring at one another, so like last Tuesday YHC say “alright, let’s mosey”.  So here we go, on the fly, again.
What had happen was:
Mosey over to the rough pavement behind the pool for warmup.
Warmup was simple, SSH, in cadence to 49 (Go Niners!).  Nothing else needed because 98 SSHs is plenty.

Mosey to the planter beds between the ballfields for some dips, step-ups and slow dips.

Mosey to the Field of Dreams for 4 corners
NEW WORKOUT: Freendoggers!
Freendogger is a Diamond merkin, roll to plank with one arm up then knee to chest, continue to roll to a table top, continue roll to plank with the other arm up then knee to chest, then roll back to Diamond merkin, continue…

YHC calls to do 5, 10, 15, and then 20 at home plate.  It’s a challenging routine, but not awful.  One problem, the field of dreams is for some reason about 20 degrees colder than the air temperature (no confirmed, just felt like it).  Audible to 5, 5, 5 and 5.  Frostbite would not be cool.

Back at home plate another 4 corners round but with squats, 10, 20, 30 and 40.

NOw time for some pacing and sprints back and forth from home plate to the foul pole.

Boomer takes over as Q and heads to the hill behind the ball field.

Jacobs Ladder to 11, Dry docks at the top and box cutters at the bottom.

PAX take the long way around back to the parking field, but with some brief stops.  Each crossing of the path a different PAX member leads and in cadence exercise with Boomer quick to call PAX that don’t typically Q.

Back to the parking area for some Marys.


We gotta find a better way to schedule Qs.  We average 12 guys, with 3 workouts a week.
Great work by some of the newer guys hoping in to lead in cadence workouts on the mosey back.
Thanks to Boomer for assisting with the Q

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