Community Service Make-up

When: 10/17/15

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (): Hickory, Crack, Peanut, Swiper, Sketchy, Mufasa, Firebird, Def Con II

9 Pax’s joined us for our first Community Service event at Wills Park.  It was a cool morning and the Parks and Rec were nice enough to turn on the lights for us.


Warm up:

Mosey down to the basketball court (the concrete was warm! nice change to wet grass)

20 Side Straddle Hops

20 Imperial Walkers

15 Merkins

20 LBC’s

The thing:

We head up for a round of Whamo Lunge Walks.  Nacho picked the only field that didn’t have lights!  So after one throw of the Frisbee we headed to the field of dreams and continued for a few rounds mixing in lunges and bear crawls.

After Whamo Lunges we made good use of our time at the field and did some 4 corners.

Round 1 – Run Backwards the whole time.  1st Base – 10 Burpees, 2nd Base – 20 Merkins, 3rd Base – 30 Plank Jacks, Home – 40 LBCs.

Round 2 – Reverse Run Forward – Home – 40 LBC’s, 3rd – 30 Plank Jacks, 2nd – 20 Merkins, 1st – 10 Burpees

Round 3 – Same as round one but out to the warning track.

Next the Pax headed down to the playground for a few wall sits and then we did Wilson’s Wife (a few jokes about going to jail for that… but there’s no law in Georgia prohibiting the exercise.)

After Wilson’s Wife we did some air chair and some knees to chest.  Then a mosey to the flag for a few Minutes of Mary.

Community Service

We met up with the Parks and Rec and since the Wire and Wood festival was going on, we took teams to the downtown area and cleaned up.  Nacho’s girl friend (Nacha) decided to join.  After about an hour of clean up a few of the guys headed back to Wills Park and we laid some pine straw.

Overall it was a great morning! It felt good to help our community.  I hope next time we can have better numbers!

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