“That was easy”!

When: 10/03/15

QIC: Trojan

PAX (): Boomer, Hickory Stick, No See Um, Dosey Doe, Crack, Nacho Libre, Grits, Def Con 2, Foghorn, Mufasa, Hot Sauce

11 PAX come out for a gloomy and rainy workout.  One more joins after the warm up.  Cantore would be disappointed with us all as we fought through the inclement weather for a beat down.

The Thang:

Warm Up consisted of some SSH, Cotton Pickers, and Imperial Walkers.  Didn’t want to wear ourselves out before the fun started.

Mosey across the park to the basketball courts where we divided up into groups of three and a group of two.  Pax did suicides on the basketball court, some squirkins on the swing set, and pull ups on the playground and pull up bar nearby.  Do a suicide and relieve the guy doing squirkins.  The guy who was squirking goes and relieves the guy doing pull ups.  The guy doing pull ups goes and does a suicide.  And so continues the vicious cycle.  We picked up one more and brought our numbers to 12.  Dosey Doe was able to hear the groans from the parking lot.

Mosey out to the rock pit.  Divide up into 3 groups of 4 (because 3*4=12).  Each group gets 2 rocks and we mosey out to the parking lot.  One guy does 15 presses.  Next guy does curls until he’s relieved by the one doing presses.  The guy curling relieves the next guy who was doing star jumps.  The guy doing star jumps goes and relieves the guy who is doing peter parkers who then goes to the press station.  Work through the cycle 4-5 times.

Grab the rocks and mosey down to a wall where we can do some people’s chair and presses.  Each PAX member does 5 presses and passes the rock on.  That wasn’t hard enough, so we did it again with 10 presses.

Mosey down to the turf field where we can do some more running and core exercises.  Each base is a station.  Home plate is LBCs, 1st is flutters, 2nd is dollys, 3rd is elbow plank.  The guy at home does 25 LBCs and goes to relieve the guy at first.  The guy at first moves to second, and so on.

Ran out of time before we could do a merkin indian run.  Went and returned the rocks before making our way back to the flag.


DoseyDoe brought the number up when he showed up part way through our first cycle of exercises.  He skipped the warm up and went straight into the tough stuff.

There was a little bit of confusion with the whole “wait for the guy to come and relieve you before you move to the next exercise” thing.  PAX got it figured out eventually.  I guess 6:30 is a little bit early to have to be thinking so hard about what you’re doing.

Lots of quick, short steps on the basketball court – “Slippery when wet.”

Crack decided he’s going to be setting the standard for how the PAX should be “fruitful and multiply.”  He informed the PAX that he would be setting the bar at 5.

Boomer was cutting deals and selling goods out of the back of his car after the workout.  Rubicon shirts came in late this week and are finally available.  New gear looks awesome.

A good showing at Coffeeteria.


Firebird’s wife just had a baby and Crack’s wife is about to have a baby.

Peanut’s out of town fishing and his wife is home with the kids.

DC2 started his new job recently.

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