Community Service Week

When: 09/29/15

QIC: Crack with a little help from my friends

PAX (): Trojan, Darth Visor, Boomer, Jingles, Nacho Libre, Law Dog, DC2, Sketchy, GRITS, Firebird, Peanut, Mufasa, Pink Panther

This morning seemed to be a letdown from the get-go. You see, Mr. Cantore had predicted rain, but raining it was not, until YHC stepped into the gloom. It was PERFECT! A smooth 71 and light, steady moisture coming down. The perfect conditions to get excited about a 0530 beatdown. The faithful Rubicon PAX are no slouches either. A strong 14 joined together to enjoy the conditions provided to us on this glorious morning. It was a bit of a community Q effort as we practiced taking turns counting cadence with the focus on the recent FNGs. Lets get to it, shall we?

What went down:
Imperial Walker x20. The imperial walkers came with a little instruction. Hopefully everyone paid attenition of what NOT to do… oops!
On to DC2!
SSH x15
Squats x15
Merkins x12

Our moseys all consisted of an Indian Run. As a new PAX reached the front, he would call an exercise, in cadence x10. We had a slew of fun and though all cannot be remembered, here is a taste of the fun:
Box cutters
Monkey Humpers
Dying Cockroachs
Silent 20 count
Air Chairs… strange to perform in cadence
Mountain Climbers

A little 4 corners funs on all fours, on the old ball field. Face the same direction at all times: plank walk right, bear crawl, plank walk left, backwards bear crawl. Starting at first:
Stop at 2nd for 20 merkins
3rd for 40 LBCRs
Home for 20 CCDs
Back to 1st for 40 Russian Hammers

After a nice mosey to the community center field, we set up for some Dora 1-2-3. Fast guys pair up with with the non-fast guys.
100 Ballsy Merkins
200 Donkey Kicks
300 Wall LBCs

After the community work today, we are almost ready for our community service project! This Saturday: Beatdown scheduled for 630-730, service at Wills beginning right afterwards. Everyone is welcome. Keep up the strong progress through the PAX: new positions, new houses, new marriages, new kids, new challenges… all good, all becoming stronger MEN.

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