Sketchy’s VQ and the Magnificent Seven

When: 09/26/15

QIC: Sketchy and Boomer

PAX (): Sketchy, Boomer, Crack, Mufasa, Swiper, Grits, Firebird

It was a glorious fall morning in Alpharetta, and seven men posted to get better.  It was about 62 degrees with a light rain as Sketchy began his VQ.  We moseyed up Old Milton for a warmup around the creepy children.


  • SSH
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Squats
  • Merkins

The Thang:

Mosey to the parking garage with a brief stop for some mountain climbers.  Once in the parking garage, Sketchy started with some partner exercises.  One partner runs to the end of the deck and back while the other partner performs exercises.  Flip flop until combined number is reached.

  • 50 burpees
  • 100 Russian Twists
  • 150 squats
  • 200 Dying Cockroaches

Sketchy passed the torch to Boomer who led the Pax up the stairs to the top of the garage.  It felt great on top so we did a little People’s Chair to enjoy the rain and breeze.  When the bell tolled, we moseyed forward, sideways, and backwards down to the bottom of the garage.  Now the fun part.  Pax run forward up one level and perform B (5 Burpees).  Side straddle to the right, back pedal up another level, and perform B (5 Burpees) L (10 LBCs).  Side straddle left, run forward up another level, and perform B (5 Burpees) L (10 LBCs) I (15 Imperial Walkers).  Continue until we added B (5 Burpees) L (10 LBCs) I (15 Imperial Walkers) M (20 Merkins) P (25 Plank Jacks) S (30 Seal Jacks).  We had not reached the top yet so we started dropping letters.  We made it to the top and perform BLI.

We moseyed down the stairs and back to the shovel flag.  Stopped along the way for some LBCs while the 6 caught up.  Made it back to find that a sorry excuse for a human being had thrown Old Glory to the ground (she did not fall over, someone clearly pulled the shovel flag out and threw her on the ground).  The Pax did 13 Burpees and reflected on Crack’s wisdom that this is America, where the strong have been carrying the weak and ungrateful for years.We finished with prayer requests and announcements.


  • Next Saturday is our service project at Wills Park.  Let’s give back and make our AO even better.
  • Mufasa is back after a brief period of healing.  He enlightened us all that a friend in South Africa is called a bru.  Great to have you back, bru!
  • Great work by all today as we covered 4.8 miles.


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