Clear skies and bright planets

When: 09/15/1983

QIC: Hickory Stick

PAX (): Boomer, Grits, Darth Visor, Peanut, Law Dog, Nacho Libre, Firebird, Jingles, Sketchy, Defcon 2, Foghorn, Swiper

13 Pax met on a nippy morning under the stars and Venus on my 32nd Birthday.  The benefits of getting up at 5 AM…

The Thang

Mosey to the parking area behind the pool for warmup.

IC Cotton Pickers x 15
IC SSH x 50  (YHC wanted to go to 75 but was getting bored himself).

Mosey to the ball field for a horseshoe.

Sketchy joins at his normal time of 5 minutes late.

Lap 1 around the IP (inside perimeter) of the ballfield.

Lap 2 sprint around the bases
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20

Lap 3 around IP
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20, LBCsX20

Lap 4 Spint Bases
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20, LBCsX20, BridgesX20

Lap 5 around IP
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20, LBCsX20, BridgesX20, CDDX20

Lap 6 Sprint Bases
SquatsX20, LBCsX20, BridgesX20, CDDX20

Lap 7 Around IP
LBCsX20, BridgesX20, CDDX20

Lap 8 Sprint Bases
BridgesX20, CDDX20

Lap 9 Around IP

Lap 10 Sprint Bases

Mosey back to the parking field for Lt Dans
1 Squat to 4 Lunges, up to 8.

short mosey to the flag.

Boomer takes over to lead Marys.


Great job by all.

Amazing comittment by Grits coming out with the flag even though he could only stay for 20 minutes.  Foghorn with similar HC grabbing the flag despite not Qing til next week.

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