Touch A Truck

When: 08/22/2015

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Boomer, Mufasa, Firebird, Crack, Doh-Si-Doh, Bevo

Great morning as Alpharetta prepared for the Touch a Truck festival in our regular lot, but 7 PAX showed up ready to bring it!

Warm-up- all IC

-Imperial Walkers
-Barry White merkins (4 count high and low)

The Thang:

Mosey to the hill
-alternate Bear crawls and back pedals up the hill with escalators at the top and bottom
– 10 merkins
-20 squats
-25 star jumps
-30 LBC

Repeat 2x with -5 on each set

Mosey to Rock area, grab a partner
– 50 curls, 50 skull crushers with other partner doing lunges

Boomer grabs the Q, we head to the FOD
– round the warning track, alternating sprints and jogging pace between bases to the corner
-30 mountain climbers after first lap
-20 monkey humpers after second lap

Mosey to the wall-IC

Q back to Swiper:  IC
-People’s chair
-Step ups (2 sets)
– Dips
-Russian twist

Crack steps in, leads:
-wall lbc’s (2 sets)
-4 corners facing ball field
-10 burpees
-20 dry docks
-30 plank jacks
-40 Reverse LBC’s

Back to Swiper to bring it home:

-repeat 4 corners with -5
-MOM- all IC
– Freddie Mercury
-Dying cockroach


Thanks to all for the support from the VQ!

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