Carpe Diem, Rubicon!

When: 08/20/15

QIC: Mufasa

PAX (): Hops (Area 51 Guest), Nacho Libre, Swiper, Boots, Trojan, Law Dog, Boomer, DefCon II, Light Bulb.

Conditions  were 72 degrees with 99% humidity from the previous night’s rain. The PAX gathered in the gloom, ready to work hard and be the best they can be for the day, looking for new challenges and adventures. This is how the Rubicon PAX chose to start their day, dictating their own terms – Carpe Diem!

Warm Up – All IC 
  • SSH
  • Windmill
  • Imperial Squalker
  • Squat Thrusts
The Thang:
  • Mozy to Rock area
    • Curls x 10
    • Overhead press x 10
    • Move 2 positions to left
    • Skull crushers x 10
    • Rockees x 7
    • Berp and Merk on rock – Number of merkins matching the rep number escalating up to count of  7.
  • Mozy to field of dreams
    • Slow recovery run around warning track
    • Four corners escalator
      • Home  – 10 x Burpees , sprint  to 1st base
      • 1st base  – 10 x Burpees, 20 x Merkins , sprint to 2nd base
      • 2nd base – 10 x Burpees, 20 x Merkins , 30 plank jacks , sprint to 3rd base
      • 3rd base  – 10 x Burpees, 20  x Merkins , 30 plank jacks, 40 flutter kicks per leg
      • plank while waiting for the six.
    • Line up on foul line and partner up
      • One partner flutter while other sprint to fence on other side of field (100 yards), bear crawl back to 2nd base and sprint home to partner. Flap jack.
      • Repeat
    • Mozy back to flag
      • Gather round, attention and Pledge of Allegiance
    • 6 MOM – all IC
      • Dolly
      • Freddy Mercury
      • LBC
      • Rosalita
      • Mason Twist
  • COT


  • Crack, faithful to the PAX, delivered the flag and a pep talk, not ready to work out, but opted for the office to attend to business to avoid working on Saturday. Good planning and thinking ahead, but his mumble chatter was missed.
  • Good showing and work by all. Iron sharpens Iron.
  • Tclaps for Boots’ recent 1/2 Iron Iron Man conquest.
  • Regulars Foghorn, Hickory Stick and Darth Visor MIA, were missed too.
  • PAX mostly quiet this morning, and the six stayed close.


  • Saturday park at Rec Center offices and meet at the regular flag area as there is a City activity planned for  the Parking Lot.


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  1. Solid Q Mufasa. Good to be with the F3Alpha pax. Hadn’t seen Boomer in years, and good to meet DefCon II, Bratwurst’s brother. Small world. #F3Nation


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