Crossing the Rubicon to Kangaroo Court

When: 08/13/2015

QIC: Darth Visor - WarDaddy

PAX (): Nacho Libre, Def Con 2, LawDawg, Crack, Trojon, Boomer, Sketchy, Swiper, Hickory Stick.


Let’s Mosey across the Rubicon – to Kagaroo Kourt – form 2 lines and mosey

  • PAX formed two lines for the “Rubicon crossing”
    • Jumping Jack Tunnel ‘SSH” then / Squat “the Grit” tunnel on other side
    • Circle up for Mountain Climbers

King of the Hill – Team Relay (3 per team ideal)

  •  Split into teams up and over planters number of teams = planters 
  •  Prep for F3 Mud RUN team up and over rinse repeat for all planters   

LET’S MOSEY back over Rubicon – UP Hill – parking lot – to flat field area

  • Hill was too tempting, so DARTH Q calls an audible for 5 more charges up hill !!! No complaining from the PAX but some heavy breathing followed.

Burpee Relays:

Line up and count off into teams of THREE

  • Each Team Member ran to the other end of the field, complete 5 BURPEES, and run back.  Everyone will plank to start, first person runs down and starts their BURPEES, as soon as he starts – second person on the team runs to end and does 5 BURPEES…same for 3rd and 4th Man! Run back to start when done with BURPEES and plank it up until everyone re

BASELINE TIMED – first cycle complete in :50 seconds (next time well run on longer field and with 4 man teams)

    • We have 5 more and have to beat that time on each run.  
  •   If not, 5 burpees at flag when where done.   
  • Thankfully no singing from CRACK and no time for rest
  • we complete next 5 in negative splits. Great job PAX

Mosey to the rock pile and grab your favorite lifting rock.(largest)


  • Circle up your teams for round robins. FAST, MAX REPS. When you start slowing down, pass to the next team member. Keep a rep count and after 3 minutes, we score. When not on point doing called exercise, you’re doing a recovery exercise.

Let’s go for 3 minutes each, these are fast max reps then pass rock

  •       Round 1:  On point – Sit-ups w/ your rock / team LBCs for recovery
    • Round 2: On point – Curls w/ rock / team Squats for recovery
    • Round 3:  On Point – Shoulder Presses / team Imperial Walkers

Return the rocks / losers loop outhouse / meet at field of dreams – Astroturf

TM 1 – Crack, Nacho, Lawdawg TEAM 2 – Trojan, Hickory Stick, Def Con 2 TEAM 3 – Boomer, Swiper, Sketchy
 Sit Up Winner
 Curls Winner
 Shoulder Press Winner


1 Merkin, then 1 Sit Up, then 1 “Bent Hickory Stick” on each leg;

2 Merkins / 2 sit-ups/ 2 BHT’s

3 Merkins / 3 Sit-Ups / 2 BHT’s

All the way to 21…so we called audible to 10 plank for 6 due to time constraints.

Modified – Knee Pushups and LBCs’ and Crack Thrusts (double count).

Sum of 55 Merkins, 55 sit-ups, 55 “Bent Hickory Sticks” on each leg.

Bent Hickory Stick”, which involves lying on the ground with one leg out straight, while the other foot is flat on the ground.  Lift your hips and extended leg up to work the thigh and hips of the leg that is bent. “Crack Thrust”  place feet flat on ground with shoulders on ground thrust hips upward.

Mosey back to flag for Mary’s …. not enough time So PAX favorite….SEAL SIT UPS for only 25….needed foghorn grunting us home! TROJAN, DEF CON 2, SKETCHY AND DARTH fought hard to keep up with powerhouse Crack, Nacho, Lawdawg, Boomer….Hickory bailed early on us “but rash?”


Ryan – paralyzed in diving accident

Families dealing with loss of newborns


some chatter from crack (not unusual) about the cleaner looking stars….due to recent meteor shower

sketchy was easy to spot in the gloom sporting trademark tie dye tank and those monkey feet?

no singing top gun songs today

Nacho rolled in on two wheels and a cloud of dust at 5:29 ready to roll.

Good to see lawdawg make the journey from canton.

Pleasure to workout you guys this AM the PAX is getting stronger and the workouts will have to get more rigorous to keep “taking our breath away” no 10 counts for F3Apha!


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  1. This is the opposite of your Twitter backblast. What detail! I for one heard foghorn somehwere in the pack. He must’ve partnered with no see um and they shared the cloak! GRITS, get out of the Fartsack before we start making fun of you


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