Cantore… Let’s be friends!

When: 08/06/15

QIC: Crack

PAX (): Darth Visor, Mufasa, GRITS, No-See-Um, Boomer, Hickory Stick, Crack, Peanut, Trojan

I am beginning to wonder if #Cantore is upset from being #defy(d).  He tricked us with a false shower last night.  Hopefully he comes through with some accurate projections today and we see some precip.  Do you think he would be so upset if he would just make a post and see what F3 is all about?  Do you know it has not rained on a Rubicon post since the original?  Well, we can’t wait around and wonder what’s wrong with Cantore, so 9 faithful ventured into the gloom @ #theRubicon.

What Went Down:

Mosey eastward down Old Milton for a spell and stop for a couple rounds of warm-up activity IC:

  • Windmills x13
  • Imperial Squakers x13
  • Cotton Pickers x13
  • Plank punch x13
  • Frankenstien x13

The community center walls always make for enjoyable activity. Lets use one for:

  • Hip slappers x15 IC
  • Peoples chair
  • Balls to the wall mix in 10 ballsy merkins if you can

Find field behind community center for some 4 corners enjoyment. Facing same direction with each run. OYO x20

  1. J-lo
  2. LBCR
  3. Plank dips (10 per side)
  4. Russian twists

Rinse and:

  1. Dolly
  2. Rosie
  3. LBC
  4. Flutter

Slide on out to Old Milt and begin the Merkin Mile. 10 Merkins at every: turn, cross street, and speed hump (Diamonds there!) Up Wills Dr, Over Mid-broad, down Wills Rd, back to SF.

Time for more?  Lets go for Dora 1-2-3

  • 100 squats
  • 200 imperials
  • 300 flutters (almost… dang alarm clock wakes me up!



  • We knocked out a little over 2 miles, along with 125+ merkins depending on your ballsy merks.
  • The Merkin Mile really shows what #HIM is really made of.  Trojan was toward the back.  Since YHC was also there, his #GoodForm is truly appreciated.  I dont think that guy knows how to cheat a Merkin.  It was also noted that he was just as fast as the leaders whilst running.  And those were definitely not the Merkins I noticed toward the end from someone (and no I will not name DV outright as mine probably looked the same.) Finally, who could not notice that #AM Mufasa in the front?  I am pretty confident he hit 10 extra derkins awaiting that 6.
  • It was very kind of No-See-Um not to return the #Incognitian role to YHC.  Not so sure I would have been so sweet!
  • Two of Alpharetta’s finest were onsite to protect the AO this morning.  I for one definitely felt safer with their attendance.  Now if we can get them to post then we will see the strength of GRITS’ EH ability.
  • Big night for Peanut and the fam. The perfect example of the #RightWay

REMINDER: 2nd F event tonight at Jekyll Brewing, 1730

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