The day Taurasi came to town

QIC: Mufasa

PAX (): Darth Visor(WD), Def Con II, Trojan, Law Dog, Sketchy, Hickory Stick, Swiper, Crack, Taurasi

Atmosphere electric, Taurasi in town to visit the Rubicon! She turned out to be him from Lexington SC, but it didn’t matter – the Pax was ready for a beat down. The morning air was relatively cool – around 73 degrees. Here’s what happened:

Warm up – IC unless otherwise stated:

  • SSH x 40
  • Crunchy Frog x 20
  • Mozy – this group likes to move! A rolling stone gathers no moss.
  • Burp & Merk to 7 and back down again (total 56 merkins) OYO
  • Mountain Climbers x 30
  • Plank jacks x 30

The Thang

Mozy to field of dreams – here’s where the action took place:

  • Teams of 3 – doing BLIMPS each rotation. AMRAP fashion.
    • One team member Burpees at home plate, 2nd member to the fence for Merkins and Star Jumps – 15 minimum reps each rotating between Merkins and Star Jumps – while waiting to be relieved. 3 rd member of team continues running around Warning Track to relieve 1st team member.
    • 2nd Rotation – Standing Lunges – AMRAP until team member relieves you.
    • 3rd Rotation – Imperial Walkers – AMRAP until team member relieves you.
    • 4th Rotation – Merkins (again!) AMRAP until team member relieves you.
    • 5th Rotation – Plank Jacks – AMRAP until team member relieves you.
  • Missed out on squats – home work for next time!

Mozy back to flag : get the sprint going at the end – Hickory Stick, Crack and Mufasa battle it out to the end!


  • Dolly
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Mason Twist
  • Flutter
  • LBC


  • Thankful for answered prayers and other requests ¬†lifted up. Thanks Hickory Stick for closing.


  • Hickory Stick fresh back from vacation – lots of energy.
  • Crack wanted more running – you have to pace yourself.
  • Missed Grits – squats are homework for all of us.
  • Looks as if DCII is close to doing a VQ.
  • Darth V a little quiet this morning – he claimed he was counting.
  • 10 count recovery now means breaking into song “You take my breath away”
  • Q learned that the Warning Track is not called the “Safety”. dang foreigners!


  • 2nd F on Thursday – Jekyll Brewery @ 5:30 for 6 to enjoy Fellowship and Pint Night supporting¬†our local brewery. Iron sharpens Iron.

1 thought on “The day Taurasi came to town”

  1. You see Mufasa, the outer portion of a baseball field indicates that safety is out the door when you hit that thing full speed. Instead it “warns” you that only tough guys can hang onto the ball when they slam the fence. That philosophy is pretty well the opposite of soccer wherein the philosophy is “don’t get hurt.” Soccer plays with balls full of air. Baseball plays with balls full of rocks. In baseball, you throw and hit that ball of rock directly at people. In soccer, they wear shin pads so the ball of air does not hurt too badly. I am pretty confident soccer will not be your sport of choice within a year or so… great Q though!


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