VIRGIN Q NO SEE UM….PO-PO say NO GO….but the F3 Alpha men adventure into the gloom!

When: 08/01/15


PAX (): No-See-Um, Darth Visor, Grits, Boomer, Crack, Foghorn, Def Con 2, Def Con 1, Peanut, Mufasa, Swiper, FNG - Law Dog

12 pax managed to find their way to the AO around cones and police barricades with only slightly delaying the 7:00 am start.
-Imperial Walkers x18
-Squats x18
-SSH x20
-Flutter Kicks x18
-LBC’s x18
No-See-Um, the virgin Q, had a little trouble counting to 3 at first but quickly shook it off to get the warm-ups underway and finished…..too bad he fueled “The Heckler” (AKA Crack) for the rest of his part of the workout.
Mosey to the rock pile and partner up……grab one rock per team and mosey over to third base side of turf field.
1st Exercise: Alpharetta Twisters – Partners standing back to back and pass rock to each other on both sides to a 40 count
2nd Exercise:  Hard-CORE Helmey’s – Partners on their Six facing each other…..start in up-right  position and take rock overhead to the ground behind you (sit-up movement) (or a centimeter from ground if you’re the Q).  Both Partners do 20 each so to a 40 count total.
Quick mosey to foul line and all pax do Spiderman Crawls to 2nd Base and then Sprint to warning track.
On warning track:
-10 Merkins in cadence with slow 3 count
-10 BOYO’s
-10 Crunchy Frogs
Then Frankenstein’s to 2nd Base and then Spring back to rocks and Repeato ONE MORE TIME!
When done mosey back to rock pile and discard!
Follow DARTH VISOR…..let’s Mosey!
Team up for some SEAL SIT UPS 50 count rest at 25.
The Def Con twins grimaced though with their buddies!! nice job.
Next Up Charge the HILL for some 100-200-? (where was the 300 the mumble chatter moaned….grits, crack, mufasa et all….
MOSEY to little field of dreams for the PAIN SQUARE
Some squares never made off the ground(def con 2, grits, this was not rest time)   but some pushed through for 5 buddy pushups.
Then lets go over under across the outfield.
Circled up for good ole new Q training…..Marys’ by peanut, boomer, and FNG ( Law Dog)
Great turn out to get stronger.

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