Avoidance Tasks

When: 07/25/2015

QIC: GreenBean

PAX (): GreenBean(QIC), Kylie (WD), Jamelle (Cotters!), RedBird, Sienna, Esquire (FNG)

My wife likes to tell me that I often create “avoidance” tasks that get me out of watching our kids.  We have 2 boys (4 and 2) that are the center of my life, but with our busy lives and my task focused mentality, it’s tough to find enough time in the day sometimes.  I like to do my own yard work, which compounds the issue.  F3 has been a positive change, and my wife is a cheerleader.  Initially I was left spent most weekends and too exhausted to do to many extra chores or chasing around with the boys.  However, my recovery time has steadily improved giving me more stamina post workouts. I’ve also discovered more free time during the day.  I still tend to overdo the frequency of my weekly workouts (Atlanta only has bootcamp style, so trying 3 or 4 in a row will tax you).

This morning I had the honor of Qing the Dunwoody/Sandy Springs A.O. at Dunwoody Park.  We had steady improvement over last week’s 5 with a PAX of 6.  Good to see Jamelle again.  #Cotters.  And glad to see Kylie wore matching shoes.  Welcome FNG: Esquire: very strong 1st Post!

The Thang!:

15 Windmills, 15 Skater Squats (thanks wife), 15 Cotton Pickers, 15 Merkins (repeat w/ SSH’s in place of CP’s)

Mozey to treehouse: 11’s: Dips/Derkins, Mozey to playground (YHC was told by Guiness there were some good pull-up bars there, but none to be found, so we partnered up for total of 20 jump-ups and 50 LBC’s.  Then plank-o-rams.

Mozey to lower field for 4 corners: 10 diamond pushups/crabwalk to station 2, 10 ply-pushups (thanks BBo), sprint to Station 3: 10 8 Count bodybuilders, bear crawl to station 4: 10 burpees, backwards run to Station 1.  thanks to RedBird questioning Q.: repeat w/ 5 at each station, lunge walk, karaoke, broad jumps, backwards run (between stations).

Mary: low dolly x 15, high dolly x 15, heels to heaven x 15, protractor, LBC’s (Q got choked up/allergies- had to audible to squats)- I think it was the grass clippings. Mozey to lower parking lot for more Mary: 15 LBC’s, mason twist x 15, obliques x 15, flapjack, freddie mercuries x 15.

sprint to 2nd light pole, 10 burpees, sprint to 2nd steps, 10 incline merkins, leg lifts.

Naked Moleskin:  Great to have Esquire.  FNG, but he was fit.  Hope to see you again!  I tried to take less time in between sets, but it was hot.  79 degrees to start (matches record for me so far).  but less humid.  Good coffeetteria with Jamelle who commented “get back to your kids”.  The wife has them at the gym now, so I could shower, stretch, take out trash/recycling.  Looking forward to having the boys the balance of the day: PDK Airport playground, Downwind cafe and then pool!  We prayed to be better husbands and men.  Amen.

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