♫Take My Breath Away♫

When: 07/25/15


PAX (): Mufasa, Darth Visor (WD), Grits (Q), Swiper, Crack (WB), Boomer, Foghorn, No-See-Um

The Thang

Mosey across parking lot

Squats x10
Merkings x 7
Imperial Walkers x12
Merkins x 7
Mountain Climbers x10
Merkins x 6
SSH x 10
Merkins x6

Mosey to Turf Field
Dora 1, 2, 3
Merkins x 100
LBC x 200
SSH x300

Mosey to the Wood Shed for a sweat party Step Ups x10 Double Steps Ups x 15 Merkins x 12 LBC x 12 Peoples Chair 30 Seconds Rinse/Repeat x 3 with a couple of Plank Dead lifts in between

Mosey to Parking Lot
2 Short Sprint Races
1 Extra between Crackola/Mufasa; with Crack barely beating the 51 yr old South African Gazelle

Prayers for recent slayings including Chattanooga Prayer for health Prayer for being there

Small but powerful showing this am. Not much running with Grits at the Q; you’re welcome!
Gotta love the sweat party at the wood shed (Pavilion); not much ventilation, reminds Grits of The Citadel; enjoy.
Lots o’ 10 counts with Grits; you’re welcome. It gives us a chance to sing together MC’d by Crackola; put this in your favorites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bx51eegLTY8
Talk of attending the Mud Run in Cola in Oct. Let’s plan a trip; we can stay at DV’s lakehouse (road trip).
Alea iacta est (The Die Has Been Cast!)

1 thought on “♫Take My Breath Away♫”

  1. For the authenticity of GRITS’ BB, I only made one change and it was related to spelling. I did however come very close to correcting that one line up there. While Mufasa (#RESPECT) is a streak of wind, the race really looked like the offensive line chasing NeonDeon on his way to a Pick6!


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