Get to the Choppa!

When: 07/18/15

QIC: Hickory Stick

PAX (): Sketchy, Crack, Pumpkin, Light Bulb, Stang, Nacho Libre, Touchy Feely (FNG)

PAX are all there waiting for YHC, but unfortunately nature called and I was only a minute early.

Wills is packed. Future MLB ballplayers all over the place with their moms and dads so YHC had to rethink some routing.

The Thang

Head over to behind the pool area for warmup

Mosey to the grassy area by the highway. Little something I stole from Montross at The Tankyard (though I was straight up on twitter that I would).

10 Burpees a minute. Repeat over 10 minutes. 100 total burpees. Pace yourselves.
PAX were done in around 30-45 seconds the first few rounds. Then that slowed down, except for Nacho Libre his pace stayed at the 30 sec or better rate each time. Sketchy joins us about round 4, must have known what was up or Booster must be working him to hard.
Like I said, 100 burpees, glad that’s over. Crack didn’t sing at all during these for some reason.

Mosey to check out the planter boxes to see if we can work in some stuff. All clear.
Slowed it down here, in cadence. YHC tried his best to count 10 seconds on the down, 5 seconds on the up, 10 down, 5 up on each of the following.

Get to the CHOPPA!

Pax mosey to the American Legion Field. PAX ran up the small hill along Wills Road from the intersection of Old Milton to the American Legion entrance underneath the helicopter area. At this point FNG Touchy Feely (a massage therapist by trade) is done with it, though he did drive from Arizona over the last few days.
At the top, do the 10 of the following:
C – Carolina Dry Docks
H – Hillbillies
O – Oblique crunches (10 each side)
P – Peter Parkers
P – Plank Jacks
A – Air presses

Jog back down the hill, planked for the six. Back up the hill for 9 rounds, down hill again plank for the six, back up 8 rounds, on and on and on we go.

It’s really odd how the hill got steeper with each one. Running out of time so on round of 4, PAX all decide to sprint it out and go hard for the final round.

Head back towards Wills Park. Nobody wants to get run over in the parking lot, so Marys are done by the tennis courts. Light Bulb takes over to Q Mary’s to get some cadence practice. Good discussion during marys lead by Stang on the difference between Rosalita and Dolly, as if they were actually people.

Sketchy Closes us out for a solid COT

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  1. The reason is due to my self-consciousness. I get zero support during my other songs so I have just come to believe that no one appreciates my singing. Are you telling me otherwise?!!! I’m back baby. Crack is back, ALRIGHT… Everybody… Yeaaaah


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