Last man standing

When: 7/16/15

QIC: Mufasa (WD)

PAX (): Crack, Peanut, Lightbulb, Boomer, Hickory Stick, Nacho Libre, Trojan

8 faithful PAX  fought the snooze button and posted for Operation Dawn Patrol to support each other in the quest to conquer the sad clown and make a difference in their respective spheres of influence. The air was relatively cool this morning, the sky was clear and the sun still had a way to go before making an appearance.

Mozy to parking lot

Warm up

  • F3 disclaimer and talk about form
  • SSH x 15
  • Windmills x 13
  • Cotton Pickers x 15
  • Imperial Walkers x 13

Mozy to Community Center field


  • Deconstructed burpees – PAX took turns at counting us down from 10. always a crowd pleaser.

Mozy to Wall

Partner up

  • One partner on the wall doing donkey kicks. Other partner does the following and in rotation:
    • Two Legged Hop and sprint back
    • Bear crawl and sprint back
    • Duck walk and sprint back
    • Crab walk and sprint back
  • People’s chair challenge – longest wins. as  legs fail, losers goes out 10 yrds out and plank it up. And the winner is  Nacho Libre!

Mozy back to field

  • Mucho Chesto – 10 x 5 styles : regular, wide, diamond, alternating left and right
  • repeato

Back to Parking Lot for 6 MOM

  • Dolly
  • V-Up roll-ups
  • Mason Twists
  • Flutters
  • Freddie Mercuries


  • Lots of mumble chatter and energy was palpable – our future logo was also discussed at some point. The six stayed close.
  •  Nacho Libre has steel springs for legs – he wins the People’s Chair challenge and also holds the title of best “Merkiner”. He’s a good runner too –  we don’t know what his Achilles heel is yet.
  • Crack holds YHC and the PAX  accountable for maintaining good form. #tclaps
  • Hickory Stick was hardly breathing hard and was talking all the time. good recovery from the hammy injury. #fitness
  • Boomer always has #goodform when it comes to the Merkin
  • Good seeing Peanut and Lightbulb again.
  • Trojan on his bike adds a nice touch to the vehicles in the parking lot.


  • Praises from recent prayers!
  • Crack broke us down – with strong words to live by and we remember those fighting evil here and around the world.

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