First F3 Atlanta and Alpharetta Convergence

When: 07/11/2015

QIC: ABC, Trojan and Prius (Short Cut)

PAX (): Sienna, Seles, Hickory Stick, Poison, Tinker Bell, Stang, B-Bo, Mr, Wilson, Green Bean, Boomer, Slugger, Nacho Libre, Darth Visor, Defcon-2, Mufasa, Redbird, Loose Nut, Krystal, Beetle, Crack, Off Count, Nougat, Grits, Weird Science

As I drove across the Chattahoochee River early on Saturday morning and noticed the fog coming off of the water off, I knew we were in store for a steamy workout. Despite the heat and humidity, 27 pax still showed up at Riverside Park in Roswell for our first convergence between F3 Atlanta and F3 Alpharetta.


ABC started us off in gravel parking lot with the proper F3 welcome and introduction. We warmed up with a couple sets of SSH and mountain climbers. He then launched into an intense 0.0 session with merkins, squats, 8 count body builders, standing lunges, and Stone Mountain push-ups (known as Carolina Dry Docks in foreign territories). Water quickly started pouring off the pax which resulted in many folks having a thick paste of dirt caked to their hands. The first 30 minutes had many questioning how we were going to last for a full 90 minutes.


Trojan took the lead at 7:30 and had us mosey over to the grassy field in front of the stage. The change of scenery and the dewy grass were welcome reliefs to all 27. We partnered up and started into several ladders    involving sprints, bear crawls and ab exercises. As 8:00 approached, all pax were quite fatigued, but felt confident that they could make it the full 90 minutes.


Prius took over for the final tercile (look it up). He led the pax on a jog down Riverwalk Trail to the west. We stopped for some plank work and some Peter Parker/Parker Peters after about a 5 minute jog. At the turn-around point, all enjoyed a super slow motion Mason Twist/Russian Hammer. After jogging back to the grassy field, we circled up for a few more minutes of Mary.


Hickory Stick brought the circle in a little closer and wrapped things up with a proper COT. Thanks for taking us out! We then moseyed back to the parking lot where we enjoyed a little coffee (thanks Grits!) and fellowship.


Expectations were definitely exceeded for this 1st convergence. Will need to go ahead and put the next one on the calendar. Riverside Park was an excellent choice of location. Plenty of space and possibilities – and it’s right on the Hooch. Will need to start a regular workout there in the near future. It is a great location for people in Roswell and East Cobb.

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  1. Great summary Prius. Indeed, I’d call our first Convergence a success and look forward to the next one. Excellent Q work by ABC, Trojan and Prius.


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