Hot Damn Boys, this burg’s jumpin’!

When: 07/09/15

QIC: Crack

PAX (): Darth Visor (#Respect), Mufasa (#Respect), Hickory Stick, GRITS, Def Con 2, No See Um, Nacho Libre, Boomer

We decided to #Un-ass for a nice stroll through downtown Alpharetta. I should say, when F3 is out and about, what a happening place the town is! Hustle and bustle all over the place. Please, take a tour with YHC as we revisit the morning!

What went down

Run to the corner of Old Milton and Roswell St for warm-ups IC. Did anyone see that group of kids playing Ring-Around-The-Rosie so early!
– SSH x15
– Imperial Walker x16
– Windmill x16
– LBC x12

Run behind Hop Alley. When do they start serving?
– Mountain Climbers x15

Run across the Street. The new city center has some great exreeecise turf!
– Merkins x12
– Makhtar N’Diayes x12
– Hip Slappas (no wall) x12

Run to that pretty parking deck, but whatever you do, DON’T try to jump and slap the entry sign!
– Starting on Level two, partner carries for one level.
– Backwards run for half a level
– Sideways run for half a level
– Flapjack for another half
– Run to the top of level 5 and soak in that #Gloom!
– Lets do some werkins x15

Now lets run down the stairs
And back up the stairs

People’s chair modification while each PAX sprints to the arrow for 5 burpees

Back down the stairs, out of the parking deck and find a curb for the Wheel of Merkins. Hit the wheel IC x5 for each position. Did anyone notice the paver detail in the parking spaces? Fantastic work by the masons!

Lets run on back to the AO. Wait! Stop at Pure to witness the beautiful décor. They best way to see those Mexican Christmas lights is from the 6… let’s do some Mary! IC:
– LBCRs x12
– Russian twist x12
– V-ups x8

Finally make it back to the AO for CDDs as many as can while your partners sprints the lot and back.

COT for a nice breakdown by Darth V

– The idea of today’s post was to let the PAX move at a good pace. Mufasa (#Respect) showed that he is the epitome of an #AcceleratingMan
– Hickory Stick had an idea long ago to visit this parking deck. With him in attendance, what better time than now! Unfortunately, his hammy was not interested. #CollisionLearning maybe? Either way, get some rest, as this #DownPAINment is dedicated to you! P.S. no one doubts your #Justifier!
– By all accounts, DC2 swallowed the #DRP today… stayed with the pacesetters and cleaned up the SF as the rest of the PAX disappeared
– Nice to confirm that Boomer’s daughter has a tooth again. Are Okies related to Mountaineers?
– I hoped to prepare Nacho Libre for his merkin competition. You ready??
– And big shouts to GRITS for living the #RightWay all the time. We give him some strong heckling, but today he has no SF along with a pre-warning about posting, and what does he do… he F’in #POSTS. Maybe we have No See Um to thank for his pestering nature
– Let’s plan to see everyone this Saturday at the #Convergence. Spread the word and lets show ATL why we are the #ALPHA

FYI… the F3Nation app is up and running.  Load the app and sign up.  It is a much easier method of finding our BBs, events, etc.

Until next time, Crack!

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