Remember when we had a breeze?

8 PAX joined up in the Rubicon on yet another warm, humid morning.  Where is that breeze that used to come through in the gloom?

Warmup by Foghorn
Happy Jacks
Something Frogs
Up Downs

The Thang
Mosey out to the field by the horseys
Merkin Ladder
15 Merkins
50 yd sprint
14 Merkins
50 yd sprint
13 Merkins
50 yd sprint
12 Merkins
you get the point

Come back to the wall for some People’s chair with heel touches.
Balls to the Wall.
Broke into groups of 4.  One group did more People’s Chair, other 4 did 10 swerkins, and switch.

Mosey to the planters for some step-ups and dips.

Mosey to the hill by the Field of Dreams

Jacob’s Ladder to 11
Rosalita at the bottom, Star Jumps at the top

6 MOM to the bell.

Prayers for Mufasa taking some R&R to come back stronger.
Nacho Libre’s gf is going to Nicaragua for a mission trip Saturday.
Few Ms in the bunch are expecting.


Half the PAX today were from Booster.  These guys need to give EH school
This was a hard workout IMO.  I had been battling what I think was a sinus infection the past few days, almost bowed out of Qing to be honest.  It wore me out, good work by the PAX finishing strong. #Flonase
Great job by Foghorn on his first lead in the warmups.  Good energy and some solid new stuff for warmups.
Epic battle of Balls to the Wall between Nacho Libre and Trojan, so epic that I don’t exactly remember who won.
Good calls by Crack and Boomer to let everyone lead a Mary workout to get those that haven’t Qd yet up to speed.
Peanut’s version of Balls to the Wall would be way easier, needs to do Q school and work that in.
Welcome FNG Blueberry!


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