Who’s Q? Me? OK!

When: 06/11/15


PAX (): Lightbulb, Foghorn, Hickory Stick, Crack, Nacho, No-See-um, Trojan (WB), Peanut, Grits (WD)

What went down:

> SSHx15
> IWX15
> MerkinsX12
> LBCx18
> SSHx15

Mosey to concrete shelter
> Derkinsx8
> Merkinsx8
> Mtn Climbersx12
> Knee Kicksx17
> Knee Kicks Dblx10 OYO
> Rinse/Repeat

Mosey to Ballfield
> Sprints around bases x2
> While others plank/LBC

Mosey to Parking Lot
> Grabbed a white line
> Merkins Flapjacks feet together
> Jumps L to R in upright position

Mosey to Start
> Sprints x2 while partner does
> Merkins/LBC

> Russian Twists 12 x2 (Thanks Hickory!)High/Slow Fluttersx8 JayLos x8
> (Another Thank you Hickory!) Rosalitas x15

> Chatter about reaching out to those we haven’t seen lately.
> ATL Convergence on deck for 7/11: Location: TBD

> Lot’s o’ sweat this am
> Good Q by GRITS this AM though he didn’t realize he had the lead. His mind is already on vacation.
> Nacho loved the merkins! He said he is up to about 1,000 already this week
> Thank you Peanut for the ultra- slow 10 count.
> Trojan will Q on Sat and GRITS is glad he’ll miss that one
> Trojan couldn’t take Ole Glory on the motor-scooter, so No-See-um has the honor. He won’t let us down!
> The Craft Beer Fest Road Race is coming up in Alpha 6/20; Crack on deck to organize the booth via Stang.  Foghorn and Lightbulb need to get Sweeper out there as well. Sweeper!

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