Thunder in the distance

9 PAX avoided having to Defy Cantore by a few miles this morning as some of the Forsyth PAX avoided the excuses of sleeping in due to quite a storm.

Out into the gloom
SSH X 30 Windmills X 20 Plank Jacks X 20

The Lucky Horseshoe around the turf ball field:
Lap 1
Lap 2
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20
Lap 3
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20, Dry DocksX20
Lap 4
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20, Dry DocksX20, LBCsX20
Lap 5
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20, Dry DocksX20, LBCsX20, Star JumpsX20
Lap 6
SquatsX20, Dry DocksX20, LBCsX20, Star JumpsX20
Lap 7
Dry DocksX20, LBCsX20, Star JumpsX20
Lap 8
LBCsX20, Star JumpsX20
Lap 9
Star JumpsX20
Lap 10

(Credit F3 Kato for this workout idea as found in old BB, with some modification. Good read too:



Keep fellow PAX members not there in your prayers this week.
Pray for Boots who is leading VBS this week.
Praise from Darth “Grand Daddy” Visor on the granddaughter.

Great workout today, rough morning and the PAX stayed close together. Starjumps were a favorite it seemed, so we’ll see those more often. . .
Awesome having an FNG (Nacho Libre) and an out of towner (Soprano) as part of the group.
Told group to pace themselves today, either Trojan doesn’t listen or he actually was pacing.
Workout was a little quiet at first, Darth Visor wasn’t going to let it stay that way.
Glad that GRITS has an accountability partner in No-see-um. Strong showing by both today.
Today’s workout was right up Mufasa’s alley, solid work today.
Warmup in a new location, behind a building, glad Peanut was able to fake out the fartsack and find us.

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