Ball Players in the Making

When: 06/06/15


PAX (): Mufasa, Boomer, Trojan, FNG Max: Squirt, No-See-Um, Foghorn, DefCon 2, GRITS, Crack

We had to work to find available ball fields.  Those youngin’s are out early to get that batting practice!

Warm up between fields while we scout options.  All IC:
Mountain Climberx15

Mosey to the little league field
Ring of Fire (Bear Crawl/Merkins) x1 round

Ball players show up so mosey to teeball field
On 6 with Flutters in line as others bunny jumped over
Tunnel of Love

Mosey on over to the softball field for 3 corners: home plate, LF foul pole, RF foul pole. Split into groups of three. Two men run while one may stays home for squats. One man makes it to RF for Carolina Dry Docks, while the other continues to LF for LBCRs. Men sprint between stations pushing his teammate to the next station. Q needs to learn that 3 corners requires 4 teams, but the PAX showed fortitude and covered his mistake!

Mosey to the rock quarry and find something nice. All IC:
-Curls x18
-Skull Crushers x15
-Shoulder press x12
Move right
-Upright row x10
-Deep squats x10
Move Left
-Curls x10

Mosey to play tennis. Plenty of balls but no rackets. Back to groups of 3. One man does suicides, while the other 2 members do 10 squerkins apiece along with a few partner plank/LBCs. Rinse and repeat for all team members.

Mosey back for COT

-The Rubicon was a happening place this morning. About 8 fields of young tykes preparing for the majors.
-Youngest FNG yet! Mufasa’s formal Eagle Scout, the 21 YO Maximillian (Squirt) showed what it’s like to be young again. Way to spend your summer break.
-Foghorn had to pull the flag out of the fartsack. It may have been a minute or two late, but it was there… They were probably discussing their new future plans as the future is now for Foghorn!
-How do we keep seeing No-See-Um?
-DC2 should be upgraded to #1
-Perfect attendance for Hickory Stick finally got broken. He was missed, but sometimes the Ole Lady needs to see the world.
-Thanks to Boomer and Trojan for making some things happen with the shirts… can’t wait to be able to get our own Rubicon gear!

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