mascot stays with us

When: 06/02/15

QIC: Mufasa

PAX (): Grits, Crack, No-See-Um (FNG), Si, South Tex, Boots, Hickory Stick, Darth Visor(WD), Light Bulb, Trojan, Boomer, Pitch Perfect

13 faithful PAX of Alpharetta, committed to the cause, posted to start at the regular time of 05:30 in the gloom, a humid morning, following rain of the previous night. They showed up, did their work, and then disappeared, as quickly as they came, all before the sun came up. This is their story of that morning.

Warm up:

Cotton pickers
Plank jacks
Mountain climbers
Rinse & repeat

The Thang – all while share carrying the mascot:

Mozy to turf ball field
4 corners with 10 merkins, 20 flutters, 30 squats, 40 LBCs
plak while waiting for the 6.
take it back down the ladder going in reverse.

Mozy to parking lot
Blimps across parking lot
Plank while waiting for the 6.
Rinse & repeat

Around Parking Lot – partner up.
One partner plank, other run 1/4 mile, flap jack
One partner flutter kicks, other run 1/8 mile , flap jack
One partner merkins, other sprint 110 yards, flap jack.

mason twist


Hickory Stick – prayers for accident victims.
Grits – prayers for friend’s situation.

Boomer announced the #CSAUP event later in June. Looks as if we have an Alpha contingent to send to Summerville. Look out for details.

Naked Moleskin

Grits had the flag and had to post.
FNGs from last week back for another down painment – they just keep coming back to embrace the suck. Si and Pitch Perfect – nice work!
Missed Foghorn. everytime you look at him he has a smile on his face.
Never say “are we doing this again?” Q listens for ideas.
Lots of chirping and mumble-chatter when we started – less chatter and more grunting and silence the deeper in we went. Q likes that.
Darth Visor, however, never stops talking!
Crack asked about why we have to be engineers – talk to Hickory Stick and Si about that – it’s a civil matter.
Q wanted to see who was paying attention at the end by calling dolly and then doing flutters.
Boots and some others are volunteering to get shot at. Looking forward to hearing about that Thursday (if they make it out).
The mascot was an awkward sandbag that had to be carried by one person wherever the Pax went. This theme will be expanded as Alpha prepares for the 2nd F.




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