Mustang Mimicked

When: 05/30/15

QIC: Crack

PAX (): Tool Man, GRITS, Peanut, Emeril, Crossbow, Pitch Perfect (FNG), Mufasa (WD), Si (FNG/WB), Hickory Stick,

What went down:

Mosey over to the showcase field so the faithful can be witnessed by all.
Mountain Climbers
Left LBCs
Right LBCs
Reverse LBCs
Mountain Climbers

Begin the MerkinMile
Merkins x10 at each turn, side street, and speed humpers + one transformer box until we reach the old school. Post planks a couple times to wait on 6.

@ “la estadio”
Partner up and with your partner:
Run 400 M
Flutters x20
Run the stadium stairs
Partner claps x20
Run 400 M
LBCs x20
Stadium stairs
Dips x20

In the old ball field, play a few games of Whamo Lunge Walks

Indian run headed back to the Rubicon.

At entry of Wills Drive, complete MerkinMile for a total of 190 merkins

Dora 1-2-3 with partners
100 squats
200 Freddie Mercs
300 (or ’til the bell rings) flutters

-Big Prayers to Mufasa’s S African crew fighting those Dumptys in Nigeria.
-Darth V was MIA today, but hopefully will be a grandpappy by tomorrow.

-We came close to having our first week with Zero FNGs, but just in the nick of time, 2 showed up for a downPAINment. Welcome Si and Pitch Perfect… great first post!
-Crossbow keeps the #PressOn and its already showing.
-Good to see Emeril and ToolMan back on the scene, though I’m not sure Emeril even hit a sweat. YHC will do better on the next one
-Peanut showed some HD and Bubblegum on that MerkinMile
-Why does Hickory Stick like to run so much?
-GRITS has the flag!

Thanks to Waco and the real Mustang for the inspiration!

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