For Those About To Rock … We Salute You!

8 PAX rolled out of the fart sack after celebrating Memorial Day and jumped into a love affair with a rock.

WarmUp: all IC

– Cotton Pickers
– Squats
– Merkins
– Imperial Walker

The Thang:

Mosey to the creek bed and partner up.  One partner grabs a rock and size matters.  Mosey to the horse lot.  One partner performs exercises and other partner stumbles along in various fashions to fence roughly 40 yards away and sprints back.  Then switch.

Partner 1  Partner 2
Curls     Bear Crawl/Sprint Back
Skullcrushers  Crab Walk /Sprint Back
Shoulder Press Backwards run/ Spring Back
Merkins  With Rock- Sprint to Fence and Back
Carolina Drydocks With Rock- Sprint to Fence and Back
Seal Jacks  With Rock- Sprint to Fence and Back

Mosey with rocks to the Wall

Peoples’ Chair while each Pax sprints to the playground with his rock.

Mosey to the Hill.
Partner at base of hill squats with rock, Partner backpedals up hill, sprint down, and monkeyhumpers x 20.  Switch.
Lunges with rock, Partner backpedals up and sprints down, merkins x 20.  Switch
Air Squared with or without rock, partner backpedals up, sprints down, burpees x 8.  Switch.

Mosey to field for Mary and Plank-o-rama
Pax make a big circle, one Pax sprints around circle while remaining Pax perform an exercise IC, once he is back to starting spot, next PAX circles until everyone has circled.  Exercises include LBC, flutter kicks, Rosalitas, Dollys, Freddy Mercury, Slow flutter kicks.

Same but plank-o-rama.

– Prayers for Darth Visor’s future grandbaby.
– For Mufasa’s family friend who passed away back in South Africa


– I thought an old woman was going to sic her dogs on the PAX, but I think the sight of Crack running through the park in the gloom would just about frighten anyone.
– Grits needs the shovel flag or he’s not coming.
– Great work by Trojan posting on his 15th birthday.  He’s still the War Baby and it’s not even close.
– Missed Darth Visor’s mumble chatter on this humid morning.
– It’s amazing how hard it is to run with a rock.  Makes me realize what it’s like to gain an extra 10,15, or 40 pounds.  This is the Rubicon though, and there’s no going back to the Pogo 40!

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