Maybe that wasn’t a good idea

10 PAX got moving on a very humid gloomy morning.  As DV stated at the end, “that’s the last time I wear a cotton shirt”

The Thang
Start in the parking area, GO! @ 5:30 on the dot
Run to the grass area by the road, let’s let others see us work.

Circle up for Warmup
Side Straddle Hops
Slow Mountain Climbers
Cotton Pickers

Mosey up to the planter beds
In cadence
Bridges or “Air Humpers” is more fun.
Single leg Bridges (Left leg up)
Single leg Bridges (Right leg up)

Triple Nickel on the Hill
Backwards bear crawl up, 5 Dry Docks, BC down, 5DDs
Lose the bear crawl down, Repeat

Mosey out to home plate

Dirty Mac Deuce with run around the bases in between.
12 High Knee Hops
12 Peter Parkers
12 Werkins

Mosey to stream to grab a rock
Straight Leg Dead Lifts
Shoulder Presses

Lieutenant Dans
1 Squat, 4 Lunges, 2 Squats, 8 Lunges,….. up to 10 Squats, 40 Lunges


Keep the Darth Visor family in your prayers, specifically DV’s daughter Alex and the baby.
Keep praying for Loose Nut’s daughter.
Remember the Tappen family this morning as their daughter has surgery.


Good thing Grits had the flag for some accountability this morning.  Also, good job leading 6MoM.  25 in cadence LBCs to end it tho….?

Crack had to leave before COT, caught some grief but he’s just too much of a #HIM in Alpharetta for some of us to comprehend I guess.

Countdown is on for Darth Visor to be a Grandpa!!  #RESPECT

Mufasa returned and made it all look easy . . .  again.

Whenever you feel the need to modify or audible mid workout, just look over at Trojan going strong and you just keep going.

Peanut returned for some weekday action this morning.

Light Bulb almost went Chippendale on us I think.  Humid in the gloom.

Too busy keeping count, but did I hear someone say that Foghorn actually crowed during a workout?

FNG Boots was an #HC last night but at 5:30 we gotta move.  Found us after looking through the parking lot for a bit like he was at Roanoke Colony.

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