#preblast Alpharetta 5/19/2015

So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. Thank you. – Willy Wonka

This is my first Q on a weekday.  I like to move at a good pace, work fast, and sometimes even talk fast.  Understanding that, the Weinkie is showing more than enough to do tomorrow.  Here’s hoping we get to all of it.

  • Going at 5:30 on the dot, curious if Loose Nut chases us down again.  Sweeper isn’t getting out of bed this early so it won’t be him.
  • Start out with typical warm-up, nothing new here.
  • Take it over to the planter beds, some usual stuff some new stuff.  Luckily it will be dark and nobody will be watching.  #Ms may appreciate the new stuff
  • The hill isn’t too far from here. Bear crawls and hills are just too much of a crowd favorite to leave off the workout, plus Grits and Mufasa didn’t get to enjoy this pain.
  • Mix in a Dirty Mac Deuce out on the fake turf ball field
  • Check the watch, check the score. See if we have enough time for another routine before wrapping it up with some “Lt. Dans”.   We probably will, haven’t sprinted any yet, haven’t ripped our hands on the asphalt yet.  We’ll see.
  • 6 MoM

Just over 12 hours to keep up that EH.  #Giveitaway

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