Who Put These Guys in Charge?

9 PAX showed up eager for a beatdown. Make sure that flag is planted firmly; no one will want to do any more burpees at the end of this one!

Mosey to area between baseball diamonds led by Boomer. Warm up IC.

The Thang:

Boomer led a Mosey to the turf field for a plush surface to start out on and the PAX partnered up
One partner runs the 275 ft to the foul pole while the other partner did an exercise. Carolina Dry Docks
Seal Jacks
Monkey Humpers
and Flutter Kicks

Trojan took over and led the mosey to the flower planters with a short break for some Windmills while the 6 caught up.
Step Ups
More Dips

Indian Run back to the hill for the Ladder
Bear Crawl up the hill
Super Jocks at the top
Big Boy Situps at the bottom

Boomer took the PAX on a short mosey to the open area behind the turf field.
Merkin and Ray Lewis

Finish of with Trojan leading the 6MOM
Reverse LBC
Freddy Mercury
Mason Twist

Mosey back to the flag for COT
Prayer for Darth Visors daughter. Darth Visor’s going to be a granddad! #Respect
Remembering Loose Nut’s daughter as she’s not sleeping well.
Missed Mufasa and Crack because of their travels.


Lots of Mumble Chatter straight from the start. Watch your step after those Monkey Humpers. That 275 ft to the pole doesn’t get any easier, but that turf sure feels nice.

Whose idea was it to bear crawl up that hill, anyways?

PAX was reminded of how heavy the arms get after 20 or 30 of the Ray Lewis. Gravity really is the worst sometimes. PAX finished strong.

Mugs for coffeeteria where we were reminded that we weren’t allowed to puke inside the coffee shop. PAX went outside for some Twitter101.

Hickory Stick volunteered to Q for the Tuesday beatdown at 5:30 AM. Grits took the flag so he couldn’t make excuses to miss it.

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