FNG’s fill the Rubicon!

What went down:

Mosey to the pool while being chased down by a local… turns out to be Loose Nut coming to partake: IC
– SSH x15
– Werkin x10
– Dying Cockroach x10
– Imperial Squat Walker x10

Indian Run for a bit

Riverdance @ the “Find-a-Curb”: IC
– Alt legs x20
– Both legs x15
– Sideways with right leg x9
– Sideways with left leg x9

Round the Clock @ the love hill: IC
– Makhtar N’Diayes x10
– Lunges x10
– LBRC x10
– Rotate/Rinse/Repeat x2 (changing to LBCs to save the #Justifier)
– Joe Hendricks

@ the Rock Quarry w/ varied counts and quantities: IC
– Low curls
– High curls
– Curls for girls
– Shoulder presses
– Skull crushers
– Squats

@ the Pretty Grass: OYO
3 corner sprint
– J-Los x9
– Prisoner Squat x9
– Freddie Mercury x9
@ the home base: OYO
– Partner Derkins x10
– Partner LBC x10
– Sprint/Rinse/Repeat
– 6” from the 6
– High Flutters
– Dolly

COT (Remember to pray for Loose Nut’s daughter Maggie and Darth Visor’s daughter Alex)

Awesome job to the two new FNGs (Peanut and South Tex) and the appropriate EHs from Boomer and Trojan. Peanut even said the workout was finally earlier enough for him join #HIM

Loose Nut faked out the FartSack like a champ!

Darth V is becoming the mumble chatter king. Surprised? NEGATIVE

Q should take guidance from Hickory Stick and get to this point ASAP …!

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