September 2019 Newsletter

Rough Skies make Good Pilots Rough Skies Make Good Pilots Are you happy? Or, are you joyful? Is there a difference between joy and happiness? This year at the QSource meetings we have been working our way through F3’s manual of virtuous leadership, The QSource…

August 2019 Alpha Newsletter

Let’s play a game. Pretend you can change anything about yourself you wanted to. Just a magic wish from the Genie…..

F3 Alpha PAX

June 2019 Alpha Newsletter

A year ago as I took the reins as Nantan of The Alpha region I issued a challenge to you all to
push boundaries. To push the boundaries of your Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. As part of that
challenge I urged you to step out and help spread F3 from I-75 to I-85….

March 2019 Alpha Newsletter

We get out in The Gloom to improve ourselves physically. Originally we come for ourselves. For a free workout. To get our bodies in order. But soon we find out that we need more than just exercise…….

January 2019 Newsletter

Nantan Corner – Be the Bacon Do you like bacon? You probably do. It is good by itself and makes other foods better by its addition. Bacon wrapped steaks, baked beans with bacon, bacon bits in salad and if you are lucky bacon slices on salad. Bacon, egg and cheese …

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