Alphabytes-Aug 2022

Updates from around F3Alpha

Subregion Spotlight

The Alpha region is BIG…so big that we decided last year to divide up into six subregions, each with its own AOs, leadership teams and history. In this newsletter we are spotlighting the East Cobb subregion. 

Subregion: East Cobb

Subregion Q: Jorts

AOs: Halo (bootcamp), Galaxy (bootcamp) 

Pax Highlight

Each time we also want to highlight a pax within the subregion.  The pax is nominated by the subregion leadership as someone who epitomizes F3 in various ways.


Pax F3 Name: Wideright

Hospital Name: Chris Jones

Age: 47

Home AO: Galaxy/Halo

Time in F3: 6 years


Shout Outs

Each newsletter we want to call out pax achievements (across all three F’s) and activities since the last newsletter. This is certainly not a complete list and we have created a place for you to post Shout Outs. Go to to let us know about you or another HIM who should be recognized.

  • F3-FiA convergence – 100+ F3/FiA/2.0s converged at Wills Park on August 6 for a great workout and even better fellowship afterward.
  • Ruck CSAUP – 6 pax (Birdie, Decal, FannyPack, Speedo, Splinter, Zohan) rucked from Gladiator to Boneyard to Widowmaker with pain stations at each stop. The total distance was about 10 miles. Two HIMs (Zohan and Decal) rucked back for a total of almost 20 miles!
  • Moonshine (Gladiator, Wreck) lost 21 lbs. in the past year. He also had the honor of baptizing his daughter a few months ago
  • Dreamer (Gladiator) ran his first half marathon. He also took over as the Gladiator site Q earlier this year.
  • Sea Monkey (Zohan 2.0) raised $1,000 for a charity that provides free bikes to kids. He even got 3 bikes to donate in the process!
  • Crossroads, the Alpha’s newest running AO launched in June. Hollywood is the site Q there and has only been in F3 for a short time!
  • Special K became the site Q at Nirvana in August
  • Aflac resolved a DDOS attack on the F3Alpha website in August that was preventing pax from posting backblasts, among other issues.
  • The men in Dawson continue to accelerate. Sirmixalot and Janeway are both celebrating their 1 year anniversary with F3 and are both serving in leadership roles within that subregion. Oh, and Janeway dropped over 35 lbs. this year and ran a ‘just for fun’ 11-miler.
  • TMI has lost 40 lbs. since April!!! He’s on one of the BRR teams and is absolutely killing it.
  • The Alpha continues to support the men at No Longer Bound in numerous ways.  

Upcoming Events

There is so much going on in the Alpha. Here’s a listing of the things we know Alpha HIMs are participating in. Let your subregion Q or someone in the region know if something was missed so we can celebrate it in the Shout Outs next time.

  • Blue Ridge Relay (Sep 9-10) – Alpha is sending 6 teams this year for a total of at least 66 HIMs.  It’s a 208-mile relay race where each runner runs different legs of the course (even at night).
  • Growruck 31 (Sep 9-11) – at least 6 Alpha HIMs are participating in this event held in Cherokee County this time.  It’s a grueling event that focuses on teamwork and endurance.
  • Santa Ruck (Dec TBD) – this annual family event supports North Fulton Community Charities.  We have overwhelmed them with donations over the last two years and expect to continue the tradition this year.
  • Dam to Dam Relay (Feb 18, 2023) – 100k team relay race
  • Chad 1000x Hero WOD (whenever) – 1,000 box steps with a weighted rucksack.  A virtual event is to honor a fallen soldier and to raise awareness for suicide prevention.
  • Fall Creek 100 (Nov 19) – three different ultra events…just pick one. 
  • No Longer Bound (NLB) beat down and meal (monthly) – each month an Alpha AO leads a beat down and then feeds the men of NLB.  Check with Pitstop for details and more information.
  • IronPax Challenge (IPC) – the annual 5-week adventure to see what kind of crazy beatdowns the men of F3 Greenwood can serve up.  

F3 Alpha Shared Leadership Team (SLT)

F3 is a peer-led organization and there are a lot of people behind the scenes who keep things moving. In 2021 we divided the region up into six subregions which is working well for our large region. We maintain a regional leadership team as well to help with communications, social media and region-wide activities like convergences and this newsletter. Check out the Alpha leadership below and notice there are some open positions that need filling. Contact anyone on this list if you have any questions.

Did you know...

The Alpha has a lot going on. Get to know more about the region and the men who make it awesome.

The Alpha region is divided into six subregions with a total of 30 AOs with almost 50 workouts per week! The schedule for each AO is easily found by going to While you are looking at the schedule, sign up to Q at your favorite AO or a new AO you’ve never been to before.

And don’t forget to have FNGs go to right after their first workout. This will send them an email with instructions to join our community on Slack, etc.

Nantan Notes

It was a busy summer for me and I kind of look forward to the routine that the Fall can bring. As I was thinking of what should go in this section, I was honestly struggling to come up with something meaningful. An email came in as I was working on this and of course, I couldn’t resist popping over to Outlook to see what it was. 

The email was a men’s devotional that I get a couple of times per week. This one was talking about a man’s “sweet spot”  which was defined as a skill, an aptitude, a function that results in maximum impact for a given amount of effort. Another way to describe it is “what you were made to do”. It challenged me to think about what my sweet spots are. It also challenged me to think about those things that are not in my sweet spot that could be taking up a lot of my time and energy that I could be using to do that which I was created to do.  

Creating fun and engaging newsletters is NOT one of my sweet spots, even though I really wish it was. I would love to find at least one (hopefully a few) F3 men who are good at WordPress (or have time to learn it) to contact me to serve on the communications team, focused on gathering and distributing great content to the men of F3 Alpha.  

I leave you with this thought. If you have not found your “sweet spot”, take some time to examine what gets you most excited, fired-up, engaged, in the zone.  If other things are preventing you from focusing on that sweet spot (or spots) then take some time to find ways to get those things off your plate. Bring a brother or two into the conversation and get their encouragement and help. A man doing what he loves to do, what he was created to do, is a real force to be reckoned with. 

Keep accelerating! Keep EHing! Pick up the 6! Leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him!

–Speedo out

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